Nicotine base 1000ml 18mg

Manufacturer SEfumo
Nicotine base Bulgaria
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Nicotine base Bulgaria

Efumo vaporizer is available with a nicotine content of 18mg / ml and is an excellent choice for a balanced taste and satisfactory steam production.

The composition of Efumo base includes propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Distilled Water in the following proportions:

PG / (& lt; 40%), VG ( & lt; 40%), Water (& lt; 20%), Nicotine (1.8%)

Used as is and mixed with the aroma of your choice based on the proportions proposed.

This vaporizing base is available in a package of 1000 ml.


Attention: Payment is made only with paypal and is sent by the Distributor of Serbia and for Greece.


Made in Germany

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